Kat’s Writing

Here are the pemalinks to all the creative writing I’ve put on this site. I may move the writing to a stand-alone site later, but for now let it be here. Works submitted to a contest will be removed for a time.

An introduction to my poetry

Love Letters
Sleeping Beauties
Metal Man
You are needed at bed 7
Assorted shorter poems
Eye of the Beholder


An introduction to my prose

Short fiction:

Moon River
Forgive Me
May and June
Mamihlapinatapai. Flaw Overwhelms Us
Pick Up Chicks
Time Machine, Among Other Things
An Exchange of Letters between Two Lovers, One of Which is Stationed in Some Far Away Country, and the Other Unable to Join Him
On Being Alone
Promises Waiting to Be Broken
The Wife
The Thief

Creative nonfiction:

Textual Relations
Careening Life Away



Empty Talk
James and Alysse
What a Mess
What is Love?
Adventures in Pretending to be Foreign


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