Pathology Education – Inktober Drawings

This page is to collect my pathology study aids in one place from my recent Inktober challenge art where I drew a pathology-related drawing for every day in October.

Day 1 – A primer on signet rings.

Day 1 - Signet Rings

Courtesy of @MatthewZaba: Lung adenocarcinomas with ALK fusion are significantly more likely to have abundant signet ring cells.

Courtesy of @gibbspath: People with germline mutations in the CDH1 gene are at risk for this in the stomach and invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast.

Courtesy of @DrAHLAMN1: It is sneaky in GIT so you may need to request some IHC as I saw a case of metastatic breast lobular ca in the stomach which look like signet ring ca

Day 2 – Brain tumours by anatomical location

Day 2 - brain oil

Day 3 – Echinococcus, the causal organism of hydatid cysts

Day 3 - Echinococcus

Day 4 – A day in the life of a frozen section.

Day 4 - Freeze

Day 5 – The life of a B cell from its origin in the bone marrow to its maturation in the lymph node, and all the markers it gains and loses along the way.

Day 6 - B-cell

Day 6 – two different causes for enlarged lymph nodes, one benign and one malignant

Day 6 - Husky nodes

Day 7 – a stroll through the enchanted forest of adnexal neoplasms!

Day 7 - Enchanted forest oil

Day 8 – This sketch focuses on vascular lesions in the brain – aneurysms, AVMs, and cavernomas

Day 8 - brain

Day 9A few translocation associated sarcomas  If you want to learn more, check out the sarcoma videos by @JMGardnerMD on YouTube.

A great tip – these are usually not associated with significant pleomorphism!

Day 9 - Translocation Sarcomas

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