Needs revision, just throwing this up here for later editing!

Beginnings are always awkward.

This was practically engraved on the door of the copy editor’s office.
She was so certain of this fact that she found it almost useless to try to correct an awkward beginning in the manuscripts she read. She sighed as she started another manuscript and cringed as she found this one actually had the audacity to start with simply the word “hello”.

Her intern knew she was in a bad mood when she called for coffee but quite frankly, he couldn’t deal with it right now. His mother had called with another match for him, and he was bristling with the implication that he couldn’t find a partner for himself.

As though after living alone for 5 years, he had lost the ability to meet new people. He would go to a bar this evening, just to prove he hadn’t, unless of course work swamped him again.

At any rate, he hated the bar scene, it was so forced.

Musing on these thoughts, he picked up the phone and picked up the argument with his mother.

“Sorry to put you on hold. We have a lot of new manuscripts coming in and the boss is stressed.”

“No mother, I’m fine. I was going to go out tonight actually.”

“I don’t need to go out with anyone specifically!”

“Well wouldn’t it be nice to meet her at least? You never know…” But his mother was cut off by insistant replies that he didn’t need a matchmacker.

But who didn’t need a matchmaker? She certainly needed one, to meet her husband. He was too shy to introduce himself otherwise, quite frankly. But such a handsome man… Of course, it was her friend who did the introductions, but certainly a mother could too. After all, she had just set up a date for a recently divorced friend from work.

They were on their date now and she was sitting across from him, not knowing quite what to say but having a good time anyway. She rather liked the restaurant and had convinced him to try it. He rather liked it too and assured her he would be coming here more often.

Personally he thought that perhaps their shared appreciation for this restaurant would be awkward if it didn’t end up working out, but not more awkward than having nothing to say, and so they chatted pleasantly about Japanese food.

Truth be told, his mind was elsewhere. Also recently divorced, he had been on quite a few dates in these past few weeks and now seemed to have gained an appreciation for almost every restaurant in the city. He was now musing on one woman who had rejected the offer of a second date, and was quite frankly a little self-concious now, comparing his behaviour at that date with the one he was on now.

The woman, in fact, had thought little of it and rejected him simply because she thought his taste in wine was off. She was picky, but she could afford to be picky because she had no plans to move on with her life. Still reeling from her last relationship, she had decided to deal exclusively with beginnings and leave the happy middle and the tragically beautiful endings to someone else.

She worked in a library part time on the weekends and thought often of herself as the heroine of some book. She was just checking out some books for a man who seemed to have a taste for Irish literature, but of course, it was just for a class he was taking because he otherwise bought the books he knew he would like and rented out ones he thought were uncertain.

But now his attention wasn’t on considering the length of Ulysses, but rather on the pretty woman checking out his books.She seemed intent on her job but he flattered himself that perhaps she was deeply impressed with his taste in literature, forgetting that he had an altogether different taste listed on his dating profile.

He considered how best to start up a conversation and what he should talk to her about and how to ask her on a date. She scanned his library card, and he was just about to say something when his courage failed him and he just said thanks and left with his borrowed books, unable to overcome the awkwardness of a beginning.


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