So lately (or latterly), my writing has taken a few new direction. I’ve come into a streak of poetry writing. I’m hoping to present some of my poems at a coffehouse kind of thing, and I’ve been trying to compose a good set of spoken word poems for that. But recently, I’ve also been experimenting with poems in the romantic style. It’s hard to stay away from cliche when writing these kinds of things, and it’s also hard not to get too sappy. Still, it’s a new subject for me and hopefully could resonate with a few readers. I’ve been trying out a few directions for this new theme, and maybe I’ll get something good out of it. I’m not really a particularly good poet, but there is time yet to improve.

I’ve also been really itching to write a few short stories but haven’t had the time with a busy week of midterms and assignments. I want to stretch my wings and try out a few new themes and styles, but I’m also afraid the inspiration might be lost by the time I have time to write out my ideas. I’ll briefly note them here as a reminder to myself.

Story 1 + 2 (science fiction)

I’ve already written about my idea for the reinvention of the Frankenstein story here. I do want to try to write the pivotal confrontational scene between the creator and his creation soon, because I want to experiment with the genre of science fiction. I have another story (Elixir) I want to fix up. It’s about a man who flees society and humanity to an underground bunker to search for the secret to immortality. He is triumphant, but as he return to the surface, he finds all humanity has been obliterated. He can live on forever, but alone. I want this story to be an exaggeration of those scientists (and others) who shun their personal lives to seek fame and glory, only to find there’s no one left to appreciate their achievements when they finally succeed.

Hopefully I get some good work out of this recent burst of creativity. If not…well:

The practice of failure is the only practice you get
There will be time enough for glory still
But now it is enough to smash your gear
To miss and fall, and fall apart
To take last place and smile.
Sincerely, ploddingly,
Now there is time only to play the fool.

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