Pick Up Chicks

Mmm, she’s hot. And alone too. I hate it when they’re with their friends you know. Like, you gotta separate them and like, they’ll be judging you, probably, the whole time. Yeah, it’s good when they’re alone. So right, conversation.

Wow, I can’t believe that pick up line worked. I mean, it was pretty fucking lame. But whatever, I don’t care. It worked, so it worked. I ain’t one to question a good thing. And damn, she’s hot. But like, that dress would look better accelerating towards my floor at 9.8 meters per second squared. Hah, that’s good. I should say that.

Wow, that worked too? How much has this chick had to drink? Whatever, don’t question this. Like, it’s really going well. I think I’m a little drunk too, eh? All for the best, though, right? I need courage. I’m like that goddamn lion in that movie about that road. What was it called? Fuck, that’s gonna bug me all day. Well, all night. Cause the day is over. Hah, I should tell her that. No, no. Don’t. That’s stupid.

But yeah, this is pretty fantastic. Little loud in here though. LIKE, I HAVE TO SHOUT TO TALK. Right, maybe we should go outside.

Fuck yeah, that’s much better. The air is pretty good today. And that moon. Hell yeah. A lucky night for getting perfect. We should go to a park I think. There’s a pretty good one nearby. Nearby…or is that a little creepy? I should ask.

Park it is. Yeah, I love the park. It’s so awesome you know. She’s pretty awesome. She seems so nice. So comfortable and sweet and cute and good. What a great girl. She looks even better than she did in the bar. I can’t believe I got this girl. Her hair, you know. It’s like a goddamn waterfall of fire. Was her hair always so bright? It was so dark in the bar. So dark, so dark, so dark, so dark…snap out of it. Pay attention to her. Did I have too much to drink? I didn’t think so but maybe I did. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe…

And then the trees. And then the trees man. And her face was all like the moon. Fucking better than the moon. And I love the moon, you know. The trees. The fucking trees you know, now, now…and her face. Her face…I will remember it forever. Like sunshine in the dark. Forever, dark. We should go back to my place. Or her place. Or, or…I should ask.

Ok, her place. This girl is fantastic. She’s such to die for. And I hear this on all the streets, like what love is. And I will never, never sleep alone. Cause I love her. She’s sooo goooooood. Like forever good. No expiration date. Breath without a soul. Sooooo…ssssssooo…goooooood. Never ever ever sleep alone.

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m ssssspiralling. Circles and circles and circles and circles and circlesssss. Snap out of it. Like a twig. Tatatatatatwig. Machine gun fire. Hurry up, to the trenches, to the trenches. Life is like a box of raspberries, it doesn’t last. And her face, and her skin, and her hands. Like sunshine in the dark. Blazing red, fire, burns. Life is like…and her eyes, you know. Burns like raspberries in a box. Soooooo….

I have to sssssnap out of it. Out. Out. BRIEF CANDLE!! No, pay attention. Her face, ace, ace.

And then I…it’ll bug me all night…like sunshine…like the moon. I will always love this pick up chick.

Maybe…and then I…so dark, so dark…hair like fire.

Pick, pick, pick up chicks. Pick up chicks, chicks.

Pick, pick, pick up, pick, pick, pick…wake up with sticks.

Sssssooooo GOOOOOOD.


I woke up. And I was alone. All all all alone.

And the girl I loved was gone. Another girl was sleeping beside me.

Alone, alone, alone. All all all.

Same face, same hair, nothing special, nothing, nothing at all.

Nothing, nothing. I was left with nothing.

All all all all all alone.

Every night the same.


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