On Being Alone

People pull her towards them, hoping she’ll be the cure to their heartache. A while, then a little while longer. And then they’re broken again. They blame her sometimes, or they blame themselves. They don’t understand why she doesn’t cry when she’s alone again. But she’s always alone.

Nothing changes.

They hold her hand. Pull her to their side. Tell her what they think she wants to hear. Then when they’re gone, they think it’s only fair that she cries. They worked so hard, after all.

You want to fill all the breaks in the universe? You’re gonna need a lot of concrete. Air won’t fill you. But they don’t understand. They don’t want to be alone. Always surprised when they are. But she never closes her eyes even for a second.

And so she’s always alone.

Maybe that’s just how she is.

She can love you, but she won’t.

She wants to be free.


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