Assorted shorter poems


The blood on your cheek
And how you now refuse to speak
And I say I’m sorry
But it’s not enough
And I want to take it back
But it’s not enough

And I don’t know how you feel
(Or I do and I don’t want to say)
But my heart is like a red balloon
That’s floating away.
You cry and it bursts,
Somewhere high above us in the air.

My chest tightens,
To make up for that lost space


Bada bada

Smell of rose

Dew drops on
broken glass

Scurry past, little

Heard from far away:
a bang


The prince was busy

Down in the ocean
Deep deep down
A voice was stolen
From a little girl

Curls in hair
Lips red rose
Can she rise to the challenge?

No. Now trapped
In tower.
Why does this
Keep happening to me?


Mother Goose on Thanksgiving

Clickity clack Cadillac
Walking down the lane

Clickity clack heart attack
Falling down the lane

Falling falling falling falling
The pain rips you apart

Falling falling falling falling
You’ll never walk again

Clickity clack hospital room
Clikity clack IV
Clickity clack you’re dying
Clickity clack you’re free

Falling falling falling falling
Every day you’re falling

Falling falling falling falling
We’re all one step away


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