An introduction to my prose

So in addition to poetry, I also write short stories. I’d say I’m definitely better at prose than I am at poetry, but I’ll leave that to the reader to decide. At any rate, one of the greatest joys of my life is writing and reading prose. Right now, on my desk there are stacks of books, from YA to classics to sci fi novels. My favourite author is Jane Austen, and I love the classics in general. I love Dubliners by James Joyce, you’ll probably spot the influence of Dubliners in some of my stories. I am a huge fan of Alice Munro’s short stories and I’m also a fan of science fiction as a genre (though I don’t often stray into writing it).

I’ve been writing at least since age 10, when I tried to write a book about an immortal moth and a kid named Kat (who could that have been based on I wonder). It was not exactly my best work, let me tell you that. But it shows that I have loved writing from an early age.

In Grade 12 I took Writer’s Craft, and I really blossomed. I continued writing into my first year at Ryerson and I wrote a good portion of my work in this time period. Unfortunately, I transferred to Western and amid the hard work, a long hiatus began in terms of writing. Since I’ve found my sea legs around year 2, I’ve begun writing more and more and I look forward to continuing, both with my writing and my scholarly activities.

And so that traces the short journey I’ve had with writing so far. As I said when I introduced my poetry, I know I’m not the greatest writer around. I write to challenge myself, to grow as a person, and to illustrate my perspective on my life and the human condition. I’ll end this with a short excerpt I really enjoy, from Alice Munro’s short story “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage”:

Ignoring her mother, she wrote, “You must not ask, it is forbidden for us to know -”

She paused, chewing her pencil, then finished off with a chill of satisfaction, “- what fate has in store for me, or for you -“


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