Hello world!

Hello anyone reading this! We, the mysterious curators of this delightful blog, are delighted to have you on the site. You don’t know who we are, but we know who you are! (or is it the other way around? Anyway)

Two people run this blog.

Katherina Baranova (alias: kalischa, Regular Pelican, Dr. Acula)

The cold hard science side of llptg. And also part of the cold hard art and writing side. When she’s not plotting her next scientific breakthrough, she’s helping her peers achieve greatness in comic and flowchart form!

Ferrinas (alias: Sherlock Holmes as a pirate on a dragon)

The cold hard engineering side of lltpg. And also part of the cold hard travel blogging side. When she’s not single handedly saving the world through the application of chemical engineering, she’s travelling and learning new languages!

Look forward to study aids, comics, and an irregular posting schedule.

We welcome you!


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